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About Physio Care
Physio-Care Services has been offering physical rehabilitation in the Hamilton-Wentworth region since 1987.Physical therapy involves the interaction between therapist, patients or clients, other health care professionals, families, care givers, and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and diagnosed and goals are agreed upon.
Equipped with the most advanced electrotherapy and exercise therapeutic modalities, PHYSIOCARE's primary focus is to restore function and improve the patient’s quality of life, through caring, skillful and personalized application of exemplary physiotherapy services for patients of all ages.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide comprehensive, individualized rehabilitation programs to help clients return to their work and leisure activities quickly and effectively
At Physiocare we pride ourselves in providing superior care with a clear focus on our Patient's needs. We pair our patients with Specialized Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists in order for a more rapid recovery. Our staff is trained to provide an approach that listens, understands, and empathizes with the client. We encourage patients and family members to voice their needs, and actively participate in the goal-setting process through the completion of treatment. Our goal is to ensure our patients can quickly, safely, and seamlessly transition back to their prior way of life.
To reflect the vision of Jaipur HealthCare City by providing excellent high quality services to all our patients.

Our Treatment With Latest Machine

1. Obesity:-

A condition in which excessive fat accumulated in the body . this may cause may health hazard problem also does not give a good appearance. We are patiently working in this field and have excellence command in polling a way to moderate the problem in a minimum duration.

2. Under Wait :-

Each person have their predefined Body Mass Index(BMI ) which depends on the age of person , gender & height. Quite low BMI comes I the case of under wait. We treated many persons who are suffering from this problem in past 1 year.

3. Diabetes :-

In this lack or absence of insulin protein in the body increases the glucose level ,this condition known as diabetes. This is most prominent now a days . We are successfully treateing this problem by diet and very simple exercise.

4. Unbalanced diet & nutrition :-

Our daily routine habits may cause the deficiency of more substances in our body witch further impair the general body metabolism and hence forth it become the season of sudden diseases. Many Persons from countryside are coming to us , where we check the body BMI, BMR, fat level and other and other conditions and prescribe a balance diet chart accordingly..

5. Hormonal Disturbances :-

The cells of brain secret some compounds , which further directly or indirectly regulate the virtual process of our body . Any disturbances in their process disrupt the schedule of the body . We firstly identify the reason of problem and give further best treatment accordingly diet and exercise.

6. Hyperacidity :-

This may due to the absence of particular compounds which impair the digestion process and cause hyperacidity. There some other reasons to like excessive protein in diet , unhygienic conditions , lack of water , improper gaseous balance etc. We Firstly touch the root cause of the problem and give best treatment.

7. Muscular Weakness :-

There are many reasons of muscular weakness like wise improper diet ,accumulation of toxic compounds . We have supremely in this field .we slightly give a push to the initially body condition and that slowly develop a treatment for muscular strength. .

8. Incorrect Figure :-

This condition arises due to accumulation of fats in a specific parts of the body. we have command where with specific exercise to the particular body part along which vary particular diet depredate the problem

9. Short Height :-

There are many reasons through which the body does not allow the proper growth of the person . Due to our specific exercise we have increased the height upto the age of 24.

10. Many More ........ With Latest Machines