The Inspiration fitness clinic was established in Jan. 2013 in the heart of the city. Today it is one of the most respected fitness clinic in Rajasthan. It has trained doctors who are skillfully supported by dedicated patient care personnel.
This is the first fitness clinic to perform total body care. It was designed keeping in mind the specific needs of people, and including the best features of fitness. The centre formed the apex of the pyramid of health services.
The Inspiration continues to play a pivotal role in fitness programmes like obesity, under weight, muscular weakness, diabetes, hyperacidity, hormonal disturbances, incorrect figure, fatigue, incorrect posture, short height, Pilates, thyroiditis, blood pressure problem. Beside these we also performed pre-post natal care, cardiac exercises, special physiotherapy treatments like knee pain, back pain, cervical, arthritis and many more...
All its expertise is available to commen man at subsidized rates.
It provide the basic human nutritional requirements.
In recognition of broad and deep excellence, respected sources have repeatedly ranked The Inspiration high, by seeding new ideas and by imparting high level of fitness formulas..

Our Goal

We are introduced ourselves as unique centre and first of its kind in private sector.which follows a multidisciplinary of the patients/clientsOur goal is to exceed the expectations of all clientele and to work as a team with all patients on their road to recovery and health.All exercise programs and facility are administered and closely mentioned at our premises Lalkothi, which allows for faster progressions and a better overall recovery.

Our Team Consist of:

1.Rehabilitation Team
All our phyciotherapists are qualified to evaluate your current fitness programs and to modify or improve it to meet your postural and shaping requirement of the body.

Mr. Visesh Jain
HOD & Consultant Dictician
Miss Manika Jain
MSc., M.I.D.A
HOD & Exercise Planning
Mis Mandipika Jain
Former Research Scholar, IITR
1. Dr. Jitendra 2. Dr. Manisha
3. Dr. Nikita 4. Dr. Neha
5.Dr. Wasim 6. Dr. Kamlesh
7. Dr. Vandana 8. Dr. Naveratan